Welcome To High School

I am delighted to be a new member of the SVIS team this year as High school stage director and to work with such a motivated and passionate group of students and educators. I feel privileged to be a part of a community dedicated to a culture of learning that takes place both in and out of the classroom. I will do my part to help your child grow within our community. I will embrace the enthusiasm that exudes from our students, parents, and teachers and use this energy to put a critical eye on our methods, reexamine our choices, and find ways to improve upon them. I am committed to working hand in hand with all stakeholders, building and strengthening relationships, setting high expectations for students, teachers, and especially, myself, to foster a community that is collaborative, compassionate, and lifelong striving to meet any challenge. Let’s have an amazing year!

Our Programs

The High School Stage of SVIS is proud of its diverse academic and advanced curriculums. We offer a range of core and elective options for students in all areas of study including English, Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Arts, World Languages, Physical Education, Information Technology, and Religion. Arabic is a required course for Native Arabic speakers and Religion is a required course for all Muslim and Christian students.
SVIS High School offers courses through a rotating schedule with 45 minute class periods to provide our students the time to more fully investigate the ideas and information shared in each classroom session.
At SVIS, we are committed to deepening student understanding of course content and skills. We provide varied instructional opportunities within the classroom to engage students and make learning accessible. Our faculty plan together on a regular basis via common planning teams and in departments. We are committed to using Best Practices in our instruction, and we offer a range of assessments to allow students to demonstrate understanding in multiple ways. We are committed to academic rigor, which we define as follows:
Students are able to transfer knowledge among subjects.
Students are able to analyze, evaluate and synthesize information.
Students use critical thought to solve real-world problems.
Students can see the relevance and application of content to areas outside the classroom.
Students are engaged in activities that inspire curiosity.
Students are assessed in authentic ways.
Assessment is used as a tool for learning and reflection.
Students take ownership of their learning.
The High School Staff consists of certified and talented teachers.
Learning is a reflective practice.
We expect success and believe in learning.
We expect rigor.
We are all in this together.
We work with students to achieve their post high school goals, in addition to working through any social and academic problems, we also help students decide their own courses plan through one to one career counseling meetings with students and parents and also help them apply to colleges by advising them about admission requirements and financial aid.
We are committed to our school mission statement and reinforce that students should practice compassion, make a difference and learn for life.

Recent Announcements & Gallery

Smart Vision International School Believes In

-Providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an increasingly variegated world, while developing high academic levels of language proficiency in English and respecting the culture and language of Egypt.

-Consistently pursuing excellence in all aspects of the school’s program by providing a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that provides our students with the highest standards of the American International education.

-Providing the opportunity for our students to pursue excellence in arts and athletics and to experience service to others, as well as having an encouraging environment of creativity, curiosity, and the spirit of scientific inquiry in mind,body,and spirit that will foster a lifelong interest in learning.

-Encouraging the development of individual integrity and high ethical standards, understanding and acceptance of dignity and worth of all people, and celebrating the cultural diversity amongst our community of learners.