Welcome to a new and exciting school year 2022-2023! I feel lucky to be part of SVIS community as an Elementary & Middle School Stage Director. I look forward to working with you to ensure that all of our students are to achieve academic and social success. Our future is founded not only upon the civility and compassion that we can stimulate in today’s students but in their ability to adapt, change and grow in light of rapidly changing realities. Our mission is to inspire life-long learners to excel in American Higher Education and the global community as innovative, compassionate citizens. Our goal is to make learning experiences engaging and challenging while supporting students to do their best and providing a safe and positive learning environment.

Our Programs

Elementary stage

In the Elementary School, we are committed to developing the whole child through a rigorous academic and social curriculum. The instructional program in Grades 1 through 5 is an outstanding integrated American curriculum, based on the Common Core State Standards. Our students’ educational experience is strengthened by special offerings in Arabic, Library, Computers, Science Lab, Art, Music, and Physical Education. Students are asked to apply this knowledge in the classroom and beyond. Students also have opportunities to participate in a range of educational opportunities through field trips, school-wide events, and a variety of school activities. The Elementary Faculty is characterized by compassion, caring and commitment to the education of our children. We believe that children learn in many ways and, therefore, employ a variety of teaching methods and styles.

We work to ensure that the Elementary School is a safe, secure, and educationally enriching environment for children.

Middle school stage

 The Middle School Program at SVIS seeks to develop responsible, productive, and highly effective individuals who demonstrate life- long learning skills, embrace cultural diversity, show respect for self and the rights of others, work cooperatively, and practice good citizenship. Furthermore, communication between students, teachers and parents is something we believe is very important as we strive to build a community of learners with common goals and objectives. The program of studies in Middle School includes the core curriculum: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arabic ,Second Language, Character Building, Physical Education and Religion. We provide support to enable all students to be successful in middle school.

Smart Vision International School Believes In

-Providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an increasingly variegated world, while developing high academic levels of language proficiency in English and respecting the culture and language of Egypt. -Consistently pursuing excellence in all aspects of the school’s program by providing a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that provides our students with the highest standards of the American International education. -Providing the opportunity for our students to pursue excellence in arts and athletics and to experience service to others, as well as having an encouraging environment of creativity, curiosity, and the spirit of scientific inquiry in mind,body,and spirit that will foster a lifelong interest in learning. -Encouraging the development of individual integrity and high ethical standards, understanding and acceptance of dignity and worth of all people, and celebrating the cultural diversity amongst our community of learners.