Smart Vision International School is a solid American Educational System respecting Egyptian Traditions & Norms whose graduates are prepared to excel.


Our Vision
We envision our students as lifelong critical thinkers and global learners whose values and competencies enable them to realize their full potential academically, emotionally and socially.

Our Mission
To build well integrated personalities with minds capable of making balanced decisions.
This is achieved through a robust and distinguished education meant to develop skills and modern methods of communication within a friendly and welcoming environment. Traditions, ethics and culture are always preserved and observed.

Smart Vision International School Believes In

1. Education is a lifelong process, not a product.
2. Students are whole beings, valued and respected for their uniqueness, fully capable of and expected to reach their maximum learning potential.
3. All students have the right to an education, but not the right to interfere with the education of others.
4. The school learning environment must be safe, orderly and secure.
5. Parental involvement is critical to student success.
6. Students benefit when mutual respect is modeled by students, staff, and administrators.
7. Students learn in a variety of ways; therefore, teachers are expected to teach the adopted curriculum, using a variety of teaching methods and advanced technology tailored to student learning styles.
8. The support of training opportunities for staff, relevant to the curriculum, based on current best practices in methodology, up-to-date technology, and quality preparation time, benefits student growth and achievement.
9. A technological framework that will enhance student learning.
10. The responsibility for a successful education is shared by student, teachers, administrators, the Board, parents and community working together as a team to build a strong foundation for learning.
11. The development of ethics, character and citizenship is an essential part of our learning

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