Who we are

Smart vision School situated in 6th of October city.

The school has provided different educational stages, starting Kindergarten until Third Preparatory since 2014/2015

The learning Process takes place within an entertaining atmosphere as there are enough Playgrounds, where the students utilize their energy positively.

Besides, there is a swimming Pool for the Kindergarten stage that is supervised by a group of specialists. The school provides the students with various activities like fine arts and music. It aims at offering the students with a creative environment in order to increase their self-awareness and confidence.

Smart vision School aspires to graduate Successful generations who learned the true meaning of ethics and humanity, depending on a large group of specialized Teachers.


Our Vision

Creating a creative educational student committed to his ability, respect the traditions and the good manners belonging to his homeland. Believes on himself and his abilities.

Our mission

The school aims to:

  1. Teach our students the impact of education and Knowledge for themselves and others.
  2. Provide Students with enough technological equipment (smart board, media room, etc.…) to enhance the learning Process.
  3. Constantly, monitor the students and give them constructive feedback.
  4. Teach discipline and proper behavior through indulging students in extracurricular activities.
  5. Provide talented and creative students with the suitable environment to create and innovate.
  6. Offer all teachers and employees with continues professional development courses.
  7. Divide the school work justly among employees/teachers based on their excellence.