Welcome To Kindergarten

 I am Ms. Manal Maazouz, Kindergarten principal at SVIS. I have 24  years of experience in the field of education, and I strongly believe that each child has the right to a safe and encouraging education that meets the capability of each child, enabling them to love and pursue knowledge. 

I am very happy to welcome you and your child to our school.  At  Smart Vision International School Early Childhood and Kindergarten Department, a strong foundation is being laid for your child to provide the best possible learning and development stage in preparation for their future learning.

We are fostering a child-centered approach that includes traditional teaching methods, and the Montessori teaching methods. By combining the two, your child should be introduced to multiple learning development techniques that not only provide information but a meaningful learning experience.

Our promise to you is that in return for your trust and support, we will deliver confident, happy, polite, internationally-minded achievers ready to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Our Programs

Early Childhood

Early childhood education involves a lot more than just play and fun learning. It teaches the children basic education and inculcates life skills through active and hands-on experiences. It also develops positive self-esteem, love for learning and mutual respect for others.

Junior Kindergarten

The junior kindergarten year is one in which kids learn more about the formal classroom setting – learning to focus for segments of time on basic literacy and math, and learning simple science and social studies.  This is the foundation year for getting used to the routine of school, the process of focusing and learning, and the social skills involved in making new friends.  


In the Kindergarten year, students form a better understanding of how school works and learn the proper use of print through basic reading and writing, and practice mathematical concepts like addition and subtraction. Students also grasp the ideas of beginners science and social studies topics along with practicing and implementing critical thinking. It’s a crucial year for building the foundation of learning to prepare them to succeed in the following grades.

Smart Vision International School Believes In

-Providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in an increasingly variegated world, while developing high academic levels of language proficiency in English and respecting the culture and language of Egypt.

-Consistently pursuing excellence in all aspects of the school’s program by providing a well-planned and sequenced curriculum that provides our students with the highest standards of the American International education.

-Providing the opportunity for our students to pursue excellence in arts and athletics and to experience service to others, as well as having an encouraging environment of creativity, curiosity, and the spirit of scientific inquiry in mind,body,and spirit that will foster a lifelong interest in learning.

-Encouraging the development of individual integrity and high ethical standards, understanding and acceptance of dignity and worth of all people, and celebrating the cultural diversity amongst our community of learners.